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The aim of the Competitive Squad section is to prepare swimmers of all abilities for competition at all levels. There are four different squads within the Section. The Intro Squad (a pre-competition squad), which introduces children as young as seven to the skills they will need to take up competition swimming, whilst encouraging them to concentrate on gaining good techniques. Swimmers will then gradually progress through the Junior Squad until they reach the Championship Squad which consists of our top swimmers who can train anything up to 8 times a week. Older swimmers (15 years and over) who still wish to swim, but perhaps not at a competitive level can move into the Senior Squad.

All training sessions take place at New Hall pool which is equipped with starting blocks, backstroke flags and pace clocks. It is the ideal training venue.

Children can take part in competition from the age of 9. The Club regularly enters teams in league and trophy competitions as well as the Essex Championships, Regional Championships and even the National Championships, as swimmers times improve. The Club holds an annual Club Championship, which is open to all members. This gives everyone a chance to compete, including the under 9s and the masters.

Competition swimming is fun, it creates great team spirit and can be very rewarding. It involves a certain amount of commitment from both parents and swimmers alike, and it helps keep children fit and off the streets!

To join children must have good stroke technique and the stamina to swim 800 mtrs. There is a free three session trial available.

Entry into Chelmsford Swimming Club’s age group competition squads is by trial by prior arrangement with one of the coaches.

New 'Swimming Academy' for 7-10 year olds

As a competitive club, the main aim of the club's competitive section is to race and ultimately win at various competitions throughout the year. It is important, therefore that continual streams of swimmers are nurtured through the club's development program. To aid the development of swimmers, a new rung in the club's ladder has been introduced called the 'Academy' and as a section it will cater for 7 to 10 year olds. The main aims are:

Training Times

Swimmers will receive coaching from our experienced junior squad coaches.

On the Sunday morning the Academy is allocated two separate lanes so will not be swimming in the same lanes as those in the Junior Squad section. Swimmers are expected to be on poolside at least 5 minutes before the session begins.

Regular attendance to these sessions is essential and is crucial in the progression of your child as more hours in the pool lead to better skills and greater improvement. Also a lack of attendance may hinder your child's progression to the Junior Section.

N.B. Your child will move into the Riverside Development Squad when they turn 11 years old if they have not progressed into the Junior Competitive Squad by then.

If you are interested in any of the activities undertaken by Chelmsford Swimming Club and wish to find out more, please email us at