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Information for Competitions

All competitions that have been approved by our coaches are on the Fixture list, along with information regarding qualifying times. There are different levels of competitions ranging from Level 4 – for the newer swimmers and a good place to gain times, to Level 1 which is primarily for the experienced national/regional swimmer. Qualifying times are set by the competition organiser, generally with an upper and a lower limit. If your child's time is within these limits they can enter that event, if they are faster or slower they cannot. With each competition advertised there is an Eligibility List – it is important that you check this list before submitting any gala entries to ensure that you child has qualified to swim. Please do not enter any competitions/swims if the details required to enter are not by your child's name on this list.

When completing the entry forms it is the parent's/swimme'rs responsibility to ensure that all information is present. Therefore you will need to also submit along with names: Swimming Times, DOB and ASA number. Cheques must be made payable to Chelmsford Swimming Club, and if paying by cash the exact amount must be given as no change is available. Remember that if the form is not complete or fees not submitted these will be returned.

Our Competition Secretary, Nicky Sanders, takes all entries on a block basis – please do not enter as an individual – this is so that all swimmers are entered electronically and one cheque is paid – which is the general request of the organiser. By doing it this way and entering earlier, there is more of a chance of getting all the swims requested. It does not look professional for entries to go in randomly so please adhere to cut off times that are stated and get your entries to Nicky asap. If you have any questions with regard to galas/club championships please ask one of the committee members who will be happy to advise, or email Nicky Sanders at: – this will ensure prompt attention to your query.

Once you have entered a competition it is advisable to put this in your diary. On many occasions swimmers have failed to turn up because the date was not noted. If your child is unable to attend due to illness please email Nicky immediately. This helps the coach on poolside know who is turning up. Competition organisers also have the right to fine a club if a swimmer is not withdrawn prior to the race – please remember that this fine will then be passed back to the parent for paying if they have not informed us of a no show. This is also important for our Club Championships so that the heat sheets can be printed correctly. There is nothing more annoying than having a heat with only 1 or 2 swimmers in because parents have not bothered to let the organisers know.

The fixture list is updated on a regular basis – so please keep looking as galas are added continuously and may appear between events that have already been advertised. The Arena League Galas, junior and senior leagues are TEAM events. A team sheet will be put on the notice board at New Hall School at least 3 weeks prior to the event. We would ask that you all check and keep these dates free as if your child is selected to swim they will be expected to attend and represent Chelmsford Swimming Club.


Clothing for poolside

Racing costumes/trunks should fit you like a second skin, which means for the girls, you should not be able to pull up the straps two or three inches above the shoulders!! Boys' trunks should be small at the sides and tight fitting. No baggy bottoms, as these will cause drag which will slow you down. Both boys and girls need to take separate warm up costumes/trunks to the ones they will be racing in. Remember your racing costume must be approved by the ASA and you cannot wear more than one costume.

Club Royal Blue Hoodies, polo shirts and T-shirts only to be worn, together with plain black/blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms. Please bring a couple of club T-shirts as they will get wet. Fashion shorts or jeans will not be allowed on poolside. It is important to stay warm when at a gala all day & we expect all swimmers to dress in the team colours on poolside.

Chelmsford Swimming Club Silver caps should be worn at all galas, by both boys and girls. Remember these hats show that you are representing Chelmsford and it tells everyone you are proud to be part of the same team.

Poolside shoes must be worn. Most poolside floors can be very cold and you loose valuable heat through your feet, therefore it is essential to wear poolside shoes…and make sure they are clean!

Goggles. A minimum of two pairs of goggles must be with you on poolside. Ensure your goggles fit properly during warm up and do not be tempted to fiddle with them between races. It may be a good idea to take a spare pair up to the beginning of the race in case your normal pair break.


We would advise against portable games machines, MP3 players, Ipads etc., being brought onto poolside. You run the risk of these being damaged or unfortunately stolen.

Please remain on poolside at all times. Do not wander off to see your parents. Some galas do not permit swimmers to go up on the balcony. If you need to leave poolside ensure that you report to the person in charge.

Please behave appropriately respecting your coaches and volunteers, all ASA officials, gala rules i.e. remaining silent at the start of the races and other clubs and your team members.

What to eat

Fruit, cereal bars, jaffa cakes, bread and pasta should be packed in a lunch box to be snacked on through the day. Any food containing high levels of fat should not be eaten. It is important that appropriate food is brought for day long galas and eaten!

Take plenty of water and fruit squashes.

NOT PERMITTED: fizzy drinks such as Red Bull, any sweets and chocolate.


Please ensure that you have with you all relevant medication that you may require through the day.

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